Transportation in the past and present

Transportation in the past and present

Transportation is one of the most important daily needs of human beings. It helps them to move from place to place, in addition to being the cornerstone of the various human civilizations. Their importance lies in integrating them into cities and villages together through their commercial participation. , And industrially, and agriculture.

The difference between transportation in the past and present

Transportation in the past

In the past, there was no transportation other than walking, the use of ropes in the case of hauling goods and others, but the development began to go to animals as a means of carrying and carrying objects. The man invented a wooden cart with four legs as a means of land transport. Sailing freely sailing boats, and finally ended up inventing horse-drawn vehicles.

Transportation in the present

There has been a remarkable development in modern transportation. The steam engine and then the steam trains have emerged and spread at this time and in abundance until the discovery of natural gas and oil was an evolution of transportation. Thus, the sedans and vehicles began to run in oil. A passenger plane.

What are the means of transportation in the past and present

In ancient times, man’s dependence on animals was a means of transport, as it helped to transport the purposes and needs of humans from one place to another, such animals: donkeys, horses, elephants, camels, and mules.

The most common use of camels and camels was because camels could cope with heavy loads and hot weather. They also bore thirst, and horses were used to transport warriors, war tools and weapons.

However, at the present time, the means of transportation that have worked for the welfare of the human, and this is evidenced by the technological development, and modern means of transport: cars and aircraft of all kinds, as well as trains, space vehicles and submarines.

The advantages of transportation in the past and present

The transportation in the past had no harm and no harm to the environment, as the air was free of fumes from burning fuel at the time.

However, current transportation is easy to travel to continents in a short time, unlike long-time travel.