Difference between Automatic cars and regular cars

Difference between Automatic cars and regular cars

Automatic cars and ordinary cars, or as they are called cars, are two types of cars. The difference between them is not great. The constant question in the field of cars is which cars are the best and the most common? Therefore, Wejdan Driving Company offers you the answer to this question. Indicating the difference between the two types.

Distinguish differences between automatic and regular cars

  • Speed: If we want to compare between automatic cars and ordinary cars in terms of speed, the usual cars come in front of the car automatic, it is at least faster than the second version of the automatic.
  • Gears: The normal gearbox is more fun when driving from automatic cars.
  • Comfort while driving: If we talk about comfort while driving, the automatic car comes in the front, not only the comfort of the car but also the luxury and pleasure.
  • Ability to control and resistance to slips: The normal car gives the driver greater control and resistance to any glides that may be exposed while driving, and this is not available in cars with the same automatic.
  • Maintenance cost: maintenance in Manual or regular cars is cheaper than automatic cars.
  • The normal car is more fuel-efficient than conventional power, while the car consumes more fuel than regular cars require.
  • Manuel cars are the best choice in the Arabian Gulf because they carry the sand in order not to stitches and control the torque.
  • Price: The Manual cars are characterized by automatic cars at a cheaper price.

What is meant by automatic car and regular car?

Automatic Car:

This means that the car is automatic, that is, it moves automatically as it is apparent from the name. The driver of the car should not only transport it to D mode. The car will do all the work. It will move between the speeds in a way or automatically. The automatic cars are characterized by the absence of a clutch or a pedigree pedal originally for lack of need.

Regular or Manuel car:

The regular car is based on a manual transmission where the transmission and change between the movements is done manually. Or by pressing the defrag to separate motor movement.



Automatic Driving Instruction

Automatic Driving Instruction

In the light of the developments in life we are living now and the umbrella of technology that we are immersed in; it is developing for the world of vehicles of all kinds, including the emergence of cars that are different from ordinary cars. There are many advantages of automatic cars for regular cars and the more distinctive of the two types is that the car operates automatic transmission (Vittis), which works automatically, unlike the work of the pilot in the normal car where it works manually. In this article, which is provided by the Website of Wejdan Driving Company, we will separate you dear reader how to learn driving on automatic cars.

Features of automatic cars

Less fuel consumption

The length of its useful life

Provides comfort and tranquility for passengers

Provides ease and security in driving, especially in rough, rough terrain

How to drive automatic car

The process of driving automatic cars is not difficult operations, once you know the basic driving rules can work on them very easily, and you can follow these steps to be able to professionalism in leadership:

  1. Sit in a comfortable and position that allows you to access the brakes and replace the fuel easily.
  2. Adjust the position of the side and interior mirrors so that you can observe the road only by moving the eyes without having to move the head.
  3. The driver should ensure that the transmission is placed on the p image, and that the hand brake is raised to the top.
  4. Place the car key in the designated area to start the engine, moving it towards the top
  5. Use the Yemeni man only while driving, so that the brakes are trampled first and then the hand brake is moved to the bottom
  6. Lift the right foot of the brakes gradually, and after these steps the car becomes able to move
  7. Place the foot on the right of the fuel instead, so that trampling on the fuel alternative more to increase the speed of the car
  8. If you want to slow the car you can tread on the brakes instead of fuel.


Driving schools for cars in Kuwait

If you want to learn how to drive a car, here is Wejdan Car Driving Company in Kuwait, the best trained and trained instructors for driving from all nationalities, driving instruction for private cars and public cars, teaching driving cars with ordinary lime and automatic lime, we help you to obtain driving license In a record time, more than 40 years of experience in driving education, modern car fleet for learning and driving, a fleet of 40 trainers and 40 modern cars in the service of our customers, a team of trainers to teach women of all nationalities, Arab and Indian coaches, Education on the passing of traffic tests, education on the car in professional and easy ways, education on dealing in emergencies, accidents and light failures and ways to solve them quickly.

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