Car components

Car components

The invention of the car

In the late 18th century, in 1769, Joseph Nicholas invented the first model of a motor vehicle, the first car in human history. Then, in 1885, inventor Karl Benz invented the first car powered by the gasoline engine, The development of Carl’s invention and continued development even as the importance of this invention is detailed in our article, which is presented by the site of Wajdan Driving Education.

Internal and external car components

Nowadays, car driving is an integral part of everyday life, whether you use it personally or through the means of ordinary conductors. What is important in our topic is your personal use of the car. Dear reader, you should know all the parts of the car for your personal safety first, or during one of these Parts.

You can easily scan without waiting for a crash specialist

Here are the detailed interior and exterior parts of the car

  • The external components are made up of front parts and rear parts

Front parts

Cap – Cover – Wheel – Drexion – Number plate – Front seat – Handle

Side lights – Brakes – Table – Window – Flap – Wheel – Windshield – Side mirror

Engine Cover – Front Light – Ceiling – Chassis – Light Sink – Grid Chiller

Rear parts

Side glass – Rear glass – Door handle – Rear box

Door – Rear bumper – Synthetic – Light brake light back

  1. Internal components

The interior of the vehicle depends on the engine and its function is an internal burn

There is the front part of the car

After the engine comes the role of the gears takes its movement of the engine through a moving column

It is called the crankshaft

It is composed of the cylinder

The engine body contains the cylinder chambers

– Gearbox

It is easy to know its components in a simple way; it is a box containing a set of gears.

– Clutch is the connecting factor between the engine and the gearbox

– The column of the cardan is a transmission from the gearbox to the trailer

– The disc of clutch is very important in the car other than the movement of the car affected by the less significant momentum and speed

– The cord of the clutch when pressed to change the movement of the fuse and the font cannot control the driver of the wheels.