Causes of traffic accidents

Causes of traffic accidents

Traffic accidents are the most growing thing in our time. In fact, this is due to the evolution of life in all areas, the large number of people and the increase in all types of vehicles. And the excessive speed practiced by some cause a large number of accidents a variety of daily.

so it is necessary to be careful and take caution while driving as well as learning all the basic principles and knowledge of safety and safety guidelines, this will reduce the frequent accidents constantly. In this article, we present the basic causes of accidents and how to overcome them.

The main causes of traffic accidents

There are a number of main reasons leading to traffic accidents, including:

The driver feels tired and tired, making him unstable when driving, causing a lot of accidents

The ability to focus is caused by the driver’s preoccupation with some things.  that make him distracted and unaware of what is around him

Violation of laws and non-compliance with the rules of traffic lights

Excessive velocity is one of the leading causes of accidents

The negligence in the maintenance of the car periodically, and check to see the emergence of any failures

Walk in unpaved roads, with lots of curves that expose the driver to irregular walks

Unstable weather conditions, such as road exposure to rain and fog that obstruct the movement of visibility, or the occurrence of floods obstructing traffic.

How to reduce traffic accidents

Attention and vigilance during walking

Do not use what is busy and distracted during driving, such as talking to others, and talking in mobile.

Fully adhering to traffic rules and knowledge

Cooperate with traffic police in any case to work on reducing accidents

Walk quietly and not speed

Walk in paved roads free from any curves that may lead to accidents

Line up in places fitted to it

Refrain from walking in bad weather conditions, and in case of necessity, care must be taken when walking

If the driver commits such learning, this will reduce accidents and thus save lives.