How to maintain the car battery

How to maintain the car battery


The car battery is one of the components of the vehicle that starts the internal combustion engine, whether it is gasoline or diesel, and there is another type of batteries appeared recently that are running a purely electric car, that is, electricity. In this article, we provide a detailed description of how to maintain the car battery, and what is the damage of the battery so that we can maintain it.

Causes of car battery damage

Weather fluctuations in winter and summer and the instability of the appropriate temperatures, and here must be maintained through the operation of the panels and be careful to maintain them from high temperature, especially cold or severe and constantly examined.

The dirt of the electrical connections and the accumulation of dirt and dirt on them, so be careful to keep electrical connections clean in the car.

How to keep the battery from corrosion

The need to perform an optical inspection to verify the safety of the battery and the absence of any corrosion in any of its parts because this would preserve the battery life and keep them from any failures causing the explosion. Corrosion appears as a white material on the battery terminals. This material mainly affects the electrical conductivity of the battery. If this material is discovered, it must be cleaned using a special wire brush. Put the grease on it to prevent corrosion and improve the electrical conductivity. It is also possible to add distilled water, which helps to keep them shipped.

Care should be taken to work in a well-ventilated area with adequate temperature and wear special gloves and eye protection tools before you begin to examine the damaged battery to avoid any damage or danger to the person during the examination or cleaning process.

Causes of weak car batteries

One of the main reasons for low battery life and exhaustion is driving. Batteries are short on short journeys. Both the engine and the generator are not given the chance to recharge the battery as needed to be used again. Long distance driving is required to make the battery work better and recharge itself, and an external battery can also be used to provide the necessary comfort