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We have been working since 1995 in all areas of Kuwait. Wejdan Driving School has earned a reputation for leadership education in the best professional education curricula and the best and most qualified instructors and trainers. You can reserve a full course of driving lessons at competitive prices and discounts wherever you get our professional trainers to teach you the latest cars, With us you will find customized, comfortable, positive and encouraging learning programs that you will learn when you start driving lessons.
  • We know all the test methods, and simplify them for you.
  • Learn to drive with a professional company and professional trainers!
  • Start driving lessons now with special offers and symbolic price.

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Why Choose Us?

We understand that learning to drive isn’t cheap, many driving schools will take advantage of this and charge you a larger sum than necessary; not us.
Best Safety Measures

Highly trained and knowledgeable about the latest techniques and safety rules of the road.

Experienced Professional Trainers

Our trainers are accredited and licensed to teach leadership, are always subject to traffic safety training and roads with the latest technology in driving education, and are always subject to periodic medical examination.

Perfect Timing

Now is the perfect time to start teaching your leadership in a professional way, and choose the right coach or trainer for you with Wijdan to teach driving in Kuwait.

Affordable Fee

We know that driving instruction can be expensive at times, so we constantly monitor the prices of your competitors, and we are always the best and the best for you.

Modern Cars And Educational Guides

We always develop our car fleet to suit the latest technology and the comfort of our customers. We provide periodic guidance on the best traffic safety rules, roads, warnings and important alerts for traffic signs.

Payment Planes

We have different payment methods to facilitate our customers. We provide all local payment methods in Kuwait, Visa, K-net and Master Card.

Lesson Packages... to Save!

Below you will find our three most popular packages

6 Hours
BASIC PACKAGE Minimum Requirement
  • Identify the vehicle, its components, functions and operation
  • 2 lessons in driving education
  • Identify basic road and traffic rules
12 Hours
V.I.P PACKAGE Most Popular – Free Driver
  • Identify the vehicle, its components, functions and operation
  • 6 lessons in driving education
  • Identify basic road and traffic rules
  • Driving training in highways and highways
18 Hours
EXTRA PACKAGE Most Comprehensive
  • Identify the vehicle, its components, functions and operation
  • 10 lessons in driving education
  • Identify basic road and traffic rules
  • Driving training in highways and highways
  • Training to pass traffic tests and follow-up for one week

91% Of Our Trainees Succeed In The Driving Test

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