How to change car oil

There is some basic information about the car that you need to know before you start changing the car oil, such as: the type of oil that fits the car, and the oil filter to be changed, by knowing but making sure the year the car was manufactured, the size of the engine, Most of this information can be found in the car’s manual. It is possible to search for the type of the car from the shops where the oil is located, if you cannot know the type of oil, as well as check the oil filter, and then change the oil of the car.

It is necessary to know the type of oil suitable for the car in order to keep the internal parts of the engine is a gesture and lubricant, and because the lack of oil change resulting in the accumulation of dirt leading to physical damage such as the need to change the engine fully, so we will address in this article to answer the question how to change car oil in detail.

Bring oil change tools

Tools must be prepared before changing the oil of the car, such as rubber gloves, oil leakage blanket, car lever, razor switch, oil filter, oil discharge tank, paper napkins, and compressor. It is easy to flow, and then the car is lifted, the discharge tank is placed under it, and the oil discharge begins.

Old oil discharge

The oil is installed by the drain plug. It is recommended to place a tank in the old oil until it is recirculated, so it is possible to place the drain plug in the recycling tank at the top so that all the oil is inside, and then replace the drain plug.

Change the oil filter

It is possible to use a key to filter the oil to remove the old oil filter, by moving it in the opposite direction of the clock, and then prepare the new oil filter to be placed, and advised to soften the foot rubber before with a little new oil at the end of the filter, and fill two thirds of the filter or slightly more Oil, and then install the new filter properly in place, and finally tighten the filter clockwise.

Fill the new oil

Start filling the new oil by opening the oil cover and introducing the funnel, and then making sure that the oil is enough to contain the engine, and the bottling of the three-quarters of the tank, and then check the level of oil, and close the lid well.