Car prices for 2018

The car industry is increasing rapidly. This came to make one kind of different models, which is difficult to take the decision to buy, especially that the cars fall under the list of durable goods, that the buyer in developing countries always seek to be careful before the completion of the purchase so as not to cause problems You face the car for a longer time

In this article, we have collected the prices of luxury cars worldwide for 2018 and their prices in the Arab world

Global car prices

– The Alpine A110 is one of the best cars to be sold by 2018, worth 50,000 euros

– The Audi e-tron is one of the most powerful SUVs with a three-speed electric engine to produce 496 hp, accelerating from zero to 62 kilometers in less than 4.6 seconds with a financial value of 50,000 euros

– The Audi Q8, a stylish and dazzling vehicle, is also a multi-purpose sports car with many advanced technologies starting at 70,000 euros

– BMW i8 Roadster is a high-tech car that starts at a price of one hundred and twenty thousand euros

-The BMW X7 has a lot of new and beautiful features that start with a price of fifty five thousand euros

– The Hyundai i30N is a medium-priced car with a price starting at € 26,000

The great Jaguar I-Pace does not use that car for a petrol engine but relies on two electric motors and starts at 60,000 euros

– The Lexus LS also has a price of sixty thousand euros

– Subaru XV medium price starting from the price of twenty-three thousand euros

Volkswagen Polo is a relatively cheap car with a price starting at 12,000 euros

Car prices for 2018 in Arabic

– Fiat 2018 starting from three thousand and five hundred KWD

– Skoda 2018 starting from four thousand and four hundred KWD

– Peugeot 2018 starts from one and sixty thousand KWD

– Hyundai 2018 starts from two thousand and seven hundred KWD

– Kia 2018 starts from three thousand KWD

– Chevrolet 2018 starts from three thousand and five hundred KWD

– Ferrari 2018 starts from sixty seven thousand KWD

– Ford 2018 starts from three thousand and one hundred KWD

– Mazda 2018 starts at three thousand seven hundred KWD

– Porsche 2018 starts its price from fifteen thousand four hundred KWD

– Jeep 2018 starts at seven seven thousand KWD

– Volkswagen 2018 starts at four thousand five hundred KWD

– Infiniti 2018 starts its price of nine thousand KWD

– Opel 2018 starts at five thousand and one hundred KWD

– GMC 2018 and the price starts from seven thousand and six hundred KWD

– Isuzu 2018 starts at four thousand six hundred KWD