How to check your car battery

How to check your car battery

The car battery is one of the parts of the car and it is the most important part of it because it is responsible for the movement, where the battery to run the engine of the car through a process called the internal combustion of fuel, whether this fuel gasoline or diesel. As well as some newly-created electric vehicles.

In this article, which is provided by the Wejdan Driving Company, we explain in detail how to check the car battery and what signs indicate a battery failure.

Car battery components

The vehicle battery consists of a set of positive and negative panels connected in a row and their number according to the voltage of the battery.

For example, the six-volt car battery consists of three columns of voltage of each column of 2 volts and if the total voltage of the 12 volt battery consists of six voltage poles.

The positive and negative compounds are immersed in an electronic solution in a container that is not affected by concentrated sulfuric acid and distilled water, and is covered with a cover of the same type as the material from which the pot is made.

Steps to check the car battery

The process of checking the car battery is constantly one of the most important ways to maintain the car battery, which extends the life, and prevent any failures, and the examination is as follows:

The battery is checked by voltmeter, where the engine is switched off and the battery terminal is removed and the battery is cleaned.

The positive voltmeter is connected to the positive terminal of the battery, and the voltmeter tip is usually red.

The negative voltmeter terminal is connected to the negative terminal of the battery

The voltmeter reading is checked

If your battery is in good condition, read between 12.4 and 12.7 volts. If the reading is less than 12.4, your battery needs charging

Types of batteries

There are many types of car batteries, including:

Battery acid

The acid battery is the most common type of battery

Alkaline battery

There are no clear differences between the acid battery and the alkaline battery in the same paneling.

Dry battery

Dry batteries are one of the best types of batteries, and most batteries operate in this type of battery.