Car paint method

Car paint method

The process of painting cars is one of the most important processes in order to preserve the appearance of the car. Proof of this is that the car paint is compulsory in Kuwait. Any change in the color of the car must be authorized by the Traffic Department and the technical inspection followed by the car. There are many workshops using bad paint, but we will show the correct car paint in this article. This is an important guiding part of driving education. To guide you and guide you to Sound and correct ways to paint your cars.

The correct car paint method

Car preparation

The car must be ready to be ready for the paint process by following these steps:

  • Ensure that there is a suitable place well ventilated, away from dust, has a place to connect electricity.
  • Preparation of materials and tools:

* Paint.

*Paint tools.

*Polishing and polishing equipment.

*Safety tools

  • Eliminate rust, and repair scratches.
  • Remove plastic or chrome parts that can be removed and installed.
  • Scratch the existing paint until the original metal appears.
  • Use alcohol to clean surfaces of oils well.
  • Cover surfaces that cannot be coated with adhesive tape, such as glass, mirrors, and door handles.

Car paint

After the car is ready for the paint process, we follow these steps:

  • A rust resistant material is used to spray the surfaces of the car, as it fills the existing scratches.
  • Wait for a certain period of time after spraying the corrosion-resistant material as written on the box.
  • Scrub the surfaces gently until smooth.
  • Use acetone or wax to clean car surfaces of oil and dust.
  • Spray the paint on the surface on the final that this layer is somewhat thin.
  • Leave the paint until the drying is complete, so that the car is not touched or exposed to dust permanently.
  • Clean the car again to smooth, and then clean and leave to dry.
  • Paint carefully.

Finally, you should know some of the tips that should be followed to protect the car paint as follows:

  • Stay away from sunlight and pollutants of all kinds.
  • Cover the car in case it stops for a long time.
  • Be sure to wash your car and clean it at least once every two weeks.