How to remove car scratches

How to remove car scratches

Car owners often see scratches on the roofs of their cars and do not know their origin. They are disturbed that scratches can lose their beauty. Scratches can result from exposure to many frictions, such as wall contact or collision with another vehicle or sharp machine.

Some car owners may not want to go to the maintenance centers and solve those problems, because of the time it takes for the repair as well as it reduces the value of the car.

We therefore offer you the most important and easiest way to handle all the scratches on your own, without having to go to the maintenance center:

Here are some scratches and removal methods:

  1. A) Surface scratches:

These surface scratches are easy to remove and are often produced by exposure to dust or minor friction and can be removed by the owner of the car himself without having to go to the service center by:

1) Wash the car and remove dust from the surface

2) Using shoe polisher: After washing and drying the car, a layer of shoe polisher is placed in reverse color of the car on the place of scratching and then we will remove it to determine the size of the scratching accurately.

3) Rinse the place of aspiration periodically

4) Using toothpaste: It may be a strange treatment, but it is used to remove the scratches because it contains natural materials where it is placed on the place of scratching in a circular and then wiped with a cloth.

5) Using nail polish: Apply a suitable layer to the color of the car and then place it on the scratching site evenly until the scratch disappears.

6) Waxing: Wax is rubbed on the scratching area where it covers the scratching and prevents its extension to the rest of the car.

7) The use of gum: a good material where being transparent and scratching mixes the rest of the car color.

  1. B) Intermediate scratches:

The result of friction of the surface of the car with a sharp machine can be treated as follows:

  • Polish in the color of the car: The polisher completely cleans the outside of the car, and adds a deep dye to reduce the scratches on it significantly and using the same color.
  • Spray the car in a color similar to the color of the car: so that the surface of the car is sprayed, and then wipe it with a little jazz; to fill the blanks caused by scratches.
  1. C) Strong scratches:

Caused by a strong penetration of the chassis, in which case it is treated by a specialized maintenance center.

Protection from scratches

-Cover the car with waxy material every time.

–  Avoid leaving the car exposed and without an external cover to protect it.

-The need to cover the car from the inside and lining it well.

– Avoid using non-soft towels or threads that are rough and scratchy. Try to stop the car in uninhabited places with a high percentage of people.

– Keep your car clean.