Reasons for poor cooling of car air conditioner

Reasons for poor cooling of car air conditioner

One of the most important and indispensable things in the car is the air conditioner, especially in both summer and winter, and this importance comes back to ease it from falling into traffic accidents that occur as a result of the mental instability of the car leader, not only by providing comfort while driving, This is because one of the leading causes of accidents is driving in unsuitable conditions, especially in countries with mild weather. This places the importance of the car’s air conditioner and its maintenance, and the search for the causes of poor cooling and maintenance of the car air conditioner to maintain its efficiency.

Car air conditioner components

Compressor: This is the device used for pressure, and its function is the pressure of the cooling gas inside the air conditioner, and is powered by electricity.

Condenser: It is a spiral tool for condensation, and its function is to store refrigerant gas, resulting in air cooling.

Valve: A basic tool that is found in each air conditioner, which is responsible for the evaporative cooling sprayer mentioned in the evaporator.

Fan: It pulls or pulls air from the car and then passes it to the fumigation device.

Cooling evaporator: It is responsible for passing the cooling fluid in the air conditioner, which is spiral.

Cooling valve: Connects refrigerant gas in the gaseous state to the gas compressor.

Reasons for poor cooling of car air conditioner and its solution

There are many reasons for the poor cooling of the car air conditioner, which makes it not working properly, and the most important of these reasons:

  • Freon gas in the air conditioner is often leaking or slightly reduced.
  • High temperature of the car.
  • A defect in the air filter results in some dust and dirt on it.
  • Refrigerator fan failure.
  • Use openings that exit cold or hot air in an incorrect way.

Solve the problem of double car air conditioner cooling

  • Freon gas must be mobilized from the original manufacturer.
  • Accelerate the solution of the problem of attaching the temperature of the body of the car, which is cooled by using cold water rather than normal.
  • Note the air filter and change the command should.
  • Time to detect and maintain the refrigerator fan.
  • Check the compressor and change it if it is weak.