Difference between Automatic cars and regular cars

Automatic cars and ordinary cars, or as they are called cars, are two types of cars. The difference between them is not great. The constant question in the field of cars is which cars are the best and the most common? Therefore, Wejdan Driving Company offers you the answer to this question. Indicating the difference between the two types.

Distinguish differences between automatic and regular cars

  • Speed: If we want to compare between automatic cars and ordinary cars in terms of speed, the usual cars come in front of the car automatic, it is at least faster than the second version of the automatic.
  • Gears: The normal gearbox is more fun when driving from automatic cars.
  • Comfort while driving: If we talk about comfort while driving, the automatic car comes in the front, not only the comfort of the car but also the luxury and pleasure.
  • Ability to control and resistance to slips: The normal car gives the driver greater control and resistance to any glides that may be exposed while driving, and this is not available in cars with the same automatic.
  • Maintenance cost: maintenance in Manual or regular cars is cheaper than automatic cars.
  • The normal car is more fuel-efficient than conventional power, while the car consumes more fuel than regular cars require.
  • Manuel cars are the best choice in the Arabian Gulf because they carry the sand in order not to stitches and control the torque.
  • Price: The Manual cars are characterized by automatic cars at a cheaper price.

What is meant by automatic car and regular car?

Automatic Car:

This means that the car is automatic, that is, it moves automatically as it is apparent from the name. The driver of the car should not only transport it to D mode. The car will do all the work. It will move between the speeds in a way or automatically. The automatic cars are characterized by the absence of a clutch or a pedigree pedal originally for lack of need.

Regular or Manuel car:

The regular car is based on a manual transmission where the transmission and change between the movements is done manually. Or by pressing the defrag to separate motor movement.


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