Kuwait Traffic Law

The Kuwaiti Traffic Law is one of the most important legal matters in the country. The Kuwaiti project is keen to tighten these laws to avoid corporeality and physical losses.

– One of the most important of these laws

Conditions of registration – Vehicle license – The vehicle meets the requirements of inspection and technical safety – Also meet the conditions of safety and durability that determine the traffic regulations – Prevent the law to drive any vehicle without a valid license and determine the type of vehicle –Law Enforcement Schools – Kuwait Driving Schools

The law regulates the work of the trainers of driving vehicles according to certain conditions – Determined the speed of traffic and compliance with traffic signs –  Traffic lights

Commitment to the right of priority in traffic, and adherence to non-parking of vehicles in places other than standing. It also regulates the rules of passenger and cargo transportation and how pedestrians, bicycles and animals are regulated, and the terms and conditions for the granting and licensing of buses and public vehicles.

It clearly and exclusively specifies the fees to be collected when registering and licensing vehicles or renewing those, whether private vehicles or public vehicles, in addition to the fees to be collected upon the extraction or renewal of driver’s licenses and driving permits.

The lower the physical and material losses suffered by third parties as a result of negligence in driving or non-compliance with the etiquette and rules of traffic while on the road.

As for the work of the drivers of driving vehicles according to certain conditions, we are in the Office of Wejdan committed to full compliance with this law and do not adopt the trainers only after the conditions and licenses and permits required by the General Directorate of Traffic, because the adherence to the law is the basis of traffic safety.


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