Reasons for the weakness of the car electricity

Cars are one of the most important daily needs of man, since everyone has a private car and it is unfortunate that this car has a malfunction, resulting in a lot of material losses. The largest of these losses to cars is the weakness of the car electricity, which produces a negative result Headlamp It is possible to develop this holiday because it becomes the engine does not have the ability to walk or move, in which case it is necessary to know the reasons for the weakness of the car electricity and work to address them.

The reasons for the weakness of the car electricity when it occurs

Car experts confirmed that there are many reasons that lead to the disruption of the car, and must be checked several things in the car in case of exposure to this problem are as follows:

  • Check cables and dynamos

First, it is necessary to monitor the dynamo and make sure it is not damaged and has no malfunction, and then monitor the wires and battery cables between the two poles of the battery, to make sure that there is no damage or even pieces of wire.

  • Aviometer inspection

It is necessary to have an aviometer that measures the battery voltage to make sure that the voltage is 12 V as it is. In this case, the battery is in good condition and excellent. Ensure that the battery cable is not damaged by this device.

When the battery is relatively weak, you must check the dynamo and operate the car with another battery, make sure that the dynamo is free of any malfunction by measuring it when operating the car and also make sure its voltage is 13 volts as it is, but if the voltage is less then it must be replaced or If possible.

Ways to get rid of the problem of weak car electricity

  • Regulator

The regulator is used to eliminate the problem of poor power of the car or in the event of a battery failure, as the regulator helps in a high rate of increase in the life of the battery, and the nature of work that it reduces the internal combustion of the engine and it increases the rate of response, because it works To regulate the performance of oscillations and frequencies of electric current in the car.

  • Increase the size of the negative wire

It is possible to increase the size of the negative wire that is connected to the body of the car by taking a good type of wires that connect to the electrical current, ensuring that the resistance of these wires zero, and then divided into three equal pieces.

Each of these wires is connected to the cathode of the battery, with a wire attached to the dynamo, a motor cord, and the last to the body of the vehicle.


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