Driving schools in Kuwait, there is no education without a teacher or guide leads us on the right path, and when learning to drive the car must have a place that provides you with all the capabilities and expertise you need in the education process.

The company and the leadership of driving in Kuwait, the best instructors and trainers to teach leadership from all Nationalities, private driving and public vehicles, driving instruction with ordinary lime and automatic lime, We help you get a driver’s license in record time, over 40 years of experience in driving education, modern car fleet for learning and driving, a fleet of 40 trainers and 40 modern cars in the service of our customers, a team of trainers to teach women of all nationalities, And Indians according to the choice of customers, education on the passing of traffic tests, education in the car in ways that are professional and easy, teaching to deal with emergencies, accidents and light failures and ways to solve them quickly

We also provide you with all the required and safe means to help you complete this step. In this article, we present at the Wejdan Driving School site some of the most important statistics that you would like to know in the world of roads and driving before starting driving instruction.


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Traffic events in Kuwait every hour

Between 2012 and the end of 2017, traffic fatalities reached 2,360 cases

The Directorate General of Relations and Security Information also reported that the most traffic violations and accidents

As a result of exceeding the red signals and speeding to be followed by the use of hand-held while driving and lack of attention to the road

Total traffic accidents in the last five years

In the year 2012 traffic accidents amounted to about 86271

And in 2013 amounted to 89,527

In 2014 it was 99047

In 2015 amounted to 77,961

In 2016 amounted to 71582

In 2017 amounted to 23529

In total, traffic accidents during the period increased to 447,917 traffic accidents

Deaths were at that time

In 2012 – 450 deaths

In 2013 – 445 deaths

In 2014 – 460 deaths

In 2015 – 430 deaths

In 2016 – 150 deaths

Other statistics also indicate that Kuwait has 5 accidents per hour

So leadership is not an easy process and requires a lot of patience and concentration

To avoid accidents and governments have been keen to prove the irregularities of any person who leads without completion

A teaching period in any of the schools for teaching leadership and obtaining an approved driving license