Types of cars and brands of cars

The design of the car is not easy. The car industry may continue for almost three years. The car will pass through several stages, including the drawing, the first modification through the installation and the packaging, the conversion of the drawings into the 3D models, the final model, and finally the approval of the design and the start of producing several copies of the car. In 2008, more than 75 million vehicles were produced around the world. Personal and commercial vehicles, including buses and trucks, included taxis and transport vehicles. In the same year, 70 million new vehicles were sold worldwide, of which 2 million were sold in the Middle East and the number of vehicles is now estimated at 805 million vehicles around the world. In this article, So that you can choose the best and most suitable for you among many species.

Types of cars

Cars are divided into several types:

– Dynamic diesel cars

– Alcoholic cars where used with these types of alcohol ethanol cars,

– Natural gas cars

– Gas-powered vehicles

– Electric cars

Types of car brands

We show together the 30 most popular car brands around the world

  • BMW – a German company is one of the list of competitors in cars in the world
  • Mercedes-Benz – a German manufacturer of luxury cars, minibuses and double decker buses
  • Volkswagen – a major German industrial company founded by the German Labor Party
  • Porsche – a German company is specialized in the manufacture of luxury sports cars with high performance
  • Audi – is one of the German companies that produce luxury cars under the name of Audi is part of the Volkswagen Group
  • Ferrari – an Italian sports car manufacturer
  • . Jagura – The Black Panther, a subsidiary of the Land Rover Group, is a British automobile manufacturer owned by Tata India

8-  Dodge – American Sarat Company founded in 1900 in Dereti under the name of   the Dodge Brothers

9- Cadillac – a subsidiary of Michigan-based Lexus Automotive Group. United State

  1. Volvo – a car company based in Gothenburg. Sweden

11- Shkoda – Shkoda Utwa also known as Skoda is a Czech company

12- SEAT – a Spanish company founded in 1950 by the National Institute for the manufacture of cars with the assistance of Fiat Italian

13- Ford – an international company of American origin for the manufacture of cars

14- Honda – the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, as well as Tokyo-based cars in Japan

  1. Mitsubishi – Japan’s sixth largest auto company and seventh in terms of sales

16- GMC – American company for the manufacture of trucks, trucks and sports cars

17- Fiat – Italian company founded in 1899

18-Nissan – Japanese company founded in 1932

19-Mazda – a Japanese company headquartered in Hiroshima

20- Chevrolet – American company founded in 1911

21- Toyota – a large multi-national company headquartered in Japan

22- Citroen – a French company that is known for its advanced technology and has revolutionized the automotive industry

23- Dihatsu – a Japanese company specialized in the production of small cars and subject to Toyota

24- Subaru – Japanese-made Company owned by Fuji heavy industries

25 – Suzuki – Japanese multinational companies specialized in the production of small cars

26- Kia – South Korea’s second largest automaker

27-Hyundai – the largest automaker and motorcycle manufacturer in the world based in Japan

28-Daewoo – a Korean company founded in 1967

29- Lada – derived from the name of the Slovak goddess, a kind of small ship

30-KIA – South Korea’s second largest automaker