Driving Instruction

Driving has become a natural thing, especially in our time, so the right way to drive must be identified. Be sure to observe the fuel meter and speedometer as well as the engine oil counter.

Driving is not easy, as not knowing how to drive properly leads to a lot of accidents, so in this article we will learn how to teach driving for beginners.

Driving Instruction Steps

  • First, be sure to attach the seat belt when riding in the driver’s seat of the car, as this belt maintains the safety of the driver in the event of any accident, and then the key is inserted next to the steering wheel, so the car engine starts work, and do not mind opening the window to reassure From having no engine problem before you start driving.
  • The pedal is pressed immediately after the vehicle is turned on, and the transmission moves to the neutral position and lifts the foot from the pedal, but after running the vehicle.
  • Be careful that the angles of front and side mirrors are disciplined, so that the clarity of vision on the sides of the car and beyond.
  • Sit in a comfortable position for the body to be the foot and a pin to the pedals, and also reach the hands to the steering wheel.
  • First push the pedal and then move the first gear to the left and then forward, and finally the manual brake grip.
  • Lift the foot from the pedal of the interlock until the feeling of vibration of the car engine and sound, and then press again on the same pedal to determine the starting point.
  • Slowly lift the foot off the interlock pedal so that the car does not turn off, and start pressing the accelerator pedal with the right foot but slowly.
  • Wait after a small distance and then press the accelerator pedal after slowly lifting the foot from the accelerator pedal, while pulling the transmission back.
  • The left foot is slowly pulled out of the interlock pedal while the right foot is pressed on the accelerator pedal and repeated in case the gearbox changes.
  • The transmission moves between the first, second, third and fourth parts according to the speed at which they are to be moved, while slowly pressing the pressure pedal on the pedal and the gasoline.
  • When the car is stopped, the foot is slowly lifted from the pedal and the pedal is pressed at the same time, so that the transmission moves to the lower gear, and then the car stops.


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