Driving education for women

Driving for women is not as difficult as it used to be in most Arab countries. Driving for women was unacceptable, especially in the Gulf States. But now it’s easier and easier. There are many women of all ages who own cars, so it is imperative that they find places where they learn the basics of driving. So the Wejdan Driving School in Kuwait offers women’s driving lessons.

The most important principles of driving a car

Complete knowledge of parts and components of the car and know the use of each part separately

Knowledge of traffic lights and security guidelines

Know the roads and places of destination when moving by car to avoid any distraction

Do not use any sources of distraction or attention that may hinder the driving process and lead to accidents

Know the mechanisms of stopping and starting the car

How to Obtain a Driving License for Women

Some traffic departments in some countries require that women obtain the full driving training program and then obtain a driver’s license. Training hours have also been set for those who have demonstrated basic driving skills (6 hours) and who do not have the basic skills the maximum number of training hours (30 hours) is as short as the trainee’s acquisition of the basic skills required.

The importance of traffic lights


Women’s driving training prices

The study costs for driving training are determined in the light of the technical specifications of the driving schools. These costs are fixed and do not differ from school to school.

The possibility of obtaining a driver’s license without access to a training program

It may be difficult to obtain a driver’s license without entering an integrated training program and obtaining a certificate proving the completion of this training. Because of the importance of the availability of all conditions and principles for every woman wishing to enter the field of driving cars. Wejdan Car Driving Company in Kuwait My dear, I have all the necessary training courses for driving and facilitate the process of obtaining driving license.

Driving schools for women

Wejdan Driving School

Wejdan Car Driving Company in Kuwait, the best certified driving instructors from all nationalities, private and public driving instruction, driving instruction with normal lime and automatic lime. We help you to obtain driving license in record time, over 40 years’ experience in A fleet of 40 coaches and 40 modern cars in the service of our customers, a team of coaches to teach women of all nationalities, Arab and Indian coaches as chosen by customers, education on passing the traffic tests, education in the classroom The car in professional and easy ways, teaching to deal with emergencies, accidents and light failures and ways to solve them quickly