Traffic safety and security guidelines

There is no doubt that following the traffic safety and safety guidelines of the behaviors to be learned for any individual to ensure his safety and the safety of others risks of accidents. As well as ignorance of these rules and guidance leads to the frequent accidents and exhaustion of many of the spirit. There is a set of general guidance on traffic safety and safety agreed upon, which is a necessary follow-up to know. In this article, we will explain what these guidelines are.

General traffic security and safety guidelines:

1 – Reduce speed while driving

Excessive speed during driving is one of the leading causes of accidents. How many souls of the departed and children orphaned by them, and homes that lost their relatives because of excessive speeds and recklessness while driving. So make sure to reduce your speed and walk quietly and system.

  1. Periodic maintenance of the vehicle

Regular maintenance of the vehicle and checking it constantly for any defect or malfunction of the safest behaviors and peace for you first Dear driver and then to those around you. So be sure to the safety of your car from any faults and check them constantly, especially the lights of the car front and rear. It does not cost you much to save lives that can be lost as a result of negligence.

3 – Respect for traffic lights and knowledge of the guidelines because it is the language of communication

The three colors, red, yellow and green play an important role in the passage of cars and the organization of traffic, red means stopping and allowing pedestrians or cars of the other side to pass, and yellow: indicates the willingness of cars to move, and green: refers to give permission to cars to cross. Respect for and follow the rules of each color means protection against exposure to violations and protection from the flow of blood and parts.

4 – taking the right path when standing (cornering)

Take the right path while standing up from the most behaviors that the driver must pay attention to so as not to disable traffic and disable others from movement.

5 – Focus on driving and avoid dispersion tools and attention

Driving concentration is one of the most important behaviors a driver must take into account. He must be vigilant, avoid distractions such as talking in the phone, talking to someone next to him or messing around with things in the car while driving.

  1. Select a track from the beginning

Determining the location of the traffic since the beginning of the start of the car provides you with a lot of time and also makes you go straight to the destination you are going to avoid the roads in vain and congestion.

7 – Fasten the seat belt, and bypass the slopes and turns in a safe and safe manner

8 – Work to make way for the ambulance

And finally, cooperation with the men of traffic guide to progress and urbanization because they do not work for them but just keep our lives.


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