Traffic lights

Traffic lights are the most important inventions that have emerged recently and have contributed significantly to the regularity of traffic of cars or pedestrians or even passengers of degrees or steam, and the idea of traffic lights belong to the original English engineer who invented a traffic signal composed Of the two lamps, where these two lamps with gas, one of them in green and the other in red.

Despite the importance of the invention and its usefulness, it was stopped for reasons that led to the explosion of the killing of the policeman assigned to monitor it.

Evolution of traffic lights

In 1914, although a few years after the invention of cars, at that time the United States of America was witnessing an increase in the number of cars, which led to chaos in the streets.

making police officers standing on the crossroads in anticipation of any accidents or Traffic congestion, and there is no doubt that this is very difficult.

which led to the attempt to invent those signals, which played a prominent role in relieving these men, and make them only care to follow the movement of control and organization.

In 1925 England returned and adopted its old invention, where the first light signal was installed on St James Street in London and then invaded the invention of the whole world, and the first light signal was installed in New York City, which contained three different light signals of red, orange and green.

Traffic lights have become a major factor in regulating traffic.

The colors of the light signals indicate what?

– The red color when the meaning of that light stops and wait for it to change

– Yellow color when the light means it is ready to move

Green color means move

The importance of traffic lights

The importance of traffic lights, including:

Work to reduce road accidents and traffic

Work to regulate traffic and prevent congestion and regulate the movement of pedestrians and vehicles

Control of traffic junctions

Play a big role in being warning signs


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