Driving instruction in Kuwait

Driving instruction for beginners

Learning the principles of driving a car is the second step after learning the traffic safety and security guidelines that we mentioned in our previous article. Driving a car is easy to learn, but it is necessary to use a trainer with knowledge, awareness , and familiarity with the fundamentals and rules of driving, and it is not only limited to information and knowledge in view but must be practical training. In this article, we will learn about the most important principles of driving a car.

Pre-learning steps and operation of the vehicle:

  • Before starting to learn driving and identify the components of the vehicle and the mechanism of work of each component must be available in the trainee those specifications:
  • Ensure the safety of the car, by checking the car by looking for a few seconds to make sure that the car is ready to do its job to the fullest.
  • The Calmness of nerves and lack of tension; in the sense that dealing with the leadership as any basic material in our lives, such as eating and drinking, it is important to focus and caution without tension
  • Prepare the car that will be trained and identify the parts.
  • Check the correct seating position so that it is comfortable and that the driver’s movement with the steering wheel, transmission, and pedals is smooth.
  • Check the position of the internal mirror and side mirrors for driving assistance. And control the vision of other cars and road and pedestrians.

Car control devices

The vehicle consists of several basic controllers such as:

1 – Car control devices in the foot are three pedals, from the right (pedal), in the middle (brake), on the left (throttle pedal).

  1. Hand-held controls, steering wheel, transmission, and handbrake.

Steps to operate the vehicle

The handbrake is released

Press the throttle pedal firmly, and the transmission is placed in the first position

The car is powered by the key

After the operation, the throttle pedal and fuel pedal are pressed

Lift the foot on the throttle pedal gradually while keeping the pressure on the throttle,

The car will start moving, and attention must be paid to speed especially for beginners

How to stop the car when needed

The brake pedal is pressed continuously until the engine’s sound fades

The driver must place the switch in the middle and stop

In the event of a sudden stop at the helm, the brake pedal will be pressed quickly and the driver will release it if the driver does not stop changing the direction of the wheel after releasing the brake.

If you learn the basics and fundamentals of driving, you will be able to get a driving license in a record time, and you will be able to get a driver’s license in a record time. More than 40 years of experience in driving education, modern car fleet for learning and driving, a fleet of 40 trainers and 40 modern cars in the service of our customers, a team of trainers to teach women of all nationalities, Arab and Indian trainers as chosen by clients, Traffic tests, education on the car in professional and easy ways, education on dealing in emergencies, accidents and light failures and ways to solve them quickly.


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